Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I had a fabulous birthday!! Chris surprised me and took the day off!!! So he got to come on the lunch date with Molly and me. We met Molly at the Nordstrom rack, did a little shopping, went to lunch, went to Pib's Exchange, went to Koi and got me some new earrings. Then we ventured over to trolley Square and bought me a shirt at Black Chandelier that I LOVE!!!

After that we got a Jamba Juice and headed home, relaxed for while, and then went to dinner with our families at Prairie Schooner. It was Betsy's (Chris' mom) birthday too so it is even more of a fun day for our family! Prairie Schooner is so much fun!! You eat at tables that are in covered wagons and it looks like you are outdoors with stars in the seiling and campfires burning with old west decor and such. They also have great food: steaks, seafood, chicken, etc. So overall it was a fantastic day! So much fun!!!!

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  1. I'm gonna have to go to Prairie Schooner. It sounds awesome!


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