Thursday, August 9, 2007

Girls Night!!

Last night Jeanette put together a little girls night out/ birthday dinner for me. :) I was so excited because I haven't seen everyone for a while and I miss my gals a lot! We went and ate at Happy Sumo in Salt Lake at the Gateway. I recommend going to the Provo one if you live that way... the servers are nicer and the rolls and restaurant are physically bigger. ;) We had loads of fun chatting and taking photos and pigging out!!! The only poopy part was our not-so-nice server. She was a total bizzo... she took forever in everything she did and she also never cracked a smile. Then she tried to get away with not splitting the check. She's all, you can just pay with different cards from this one check. So I asked her if she would know which stuff to charge to what cards and she said yes. At least 15 minutes later she came back and had split the check and shruggingly said, "I couldn't get it to equal out, so I split them for you, just put your card back in the ticket that goes with it." HA HA HA I guess she should have been a good server and listened to us in the first place instead of being lazy and rude and then making us wait EVEN longer for her to have to try and figure it out and then ended up split it anyway... Oh well. You live and you learn...

After we ate, everything was closed :( But luckily the Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory was still open and we all got some tasty treats! Then we chatted and took more pics. (I will post the pics shortly, Chris can't find the cord to his camera and my tower at work doesn't have a card slot...) I had such a wonderful time and just realized, again, how much I love love love my girlfriends! They are all sweet and beautiful!

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  1. Yay for your birthday dinner. Boo to our server and me being sick.:(


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