Monday, August 13, 2007


I was the laziest ever this weekend!! Starting Saturday... Friday was fun. Chris' parents threw a birthday party for Betsy, Chris, and I because we all have close birthdays. We had his parents friends and our friends over and just snacked, chatted, and played pool. It was fun to hang out with friends and relax. :)

Saturday, I literally layed in bed for most of the day (minus making breakfast and eating lunch) ha ha Chris had a party for a family friend, that is getting married, that he went to in the afternoon. When he got home, we decided to go out to dinner and we went by the new Jason's Deli in Layton. It looked like it was open, but we weren't sure because they just barely put it in that building and didn't know the opening date. We walked up to the doors and there were people inside but the door said, "Employees in training, dining by invitation only". So we felt dumb and started to walk away... but a manager dude came bounding out the door and asked us if we wanted to come in and eat. We were a little reluctant because we clearly didn't have an invite... (I guess he gave us a verbal one though.) He said come on in, the employees are just training so everything is free. Get whatever you want. OH BOY!!! We couldn't pass it up. So we ate there, on the house and it was yummy. We then rented a movie at redbox and hung out. Since Chris had to go to bed early, I accepted my friend Amanda's invite and went to her and her boyfriend's Christmas in August party. ha ha It was pretty fun. Most people were a little tipsy and getting worse, but luckily Cheryl and her friend Brad were there so we were so the sobers together :) We played pool and guitar hero and chatted with everyone and then had a white elephant gift exchange. I ended up with a pack of gum (good considering my first gift was a 40oz...) ;)

Sunday was a lazy to the max day. I laid in bed with Cooper all day while Chris was at work and we watched a long marathon of America's Next Top Model and read. It was a funny weekend. I am not used to weekends like that. It was nice to take a break from running around all the time though!

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  1. I love lazy weekends...and I love America's Next Top Model even more!!


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