Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games-mania

Well you already know how I feel about The Hunger Games... I love it!!! My book club buddies {and good friends in general} and I decided to go to a premier showing the Thursday night before it came out, at 7 pm (thank heavens...we did the midnight show for Breaking Dawn and I was way too tired when Owen woke me up at 7 am the next morning.)  It was such a fun night!! My aunt's friend put it together and it was quite the event!  She had a ton of prizes you could win and everyone got lanyards and gift bags and a gift card for concessions.  We had previously decided that it would be fun get t-shirts made for everyone to wear but kinda spaced it so 2 days before my awesome friends- Amanda, Nichole, and Meagan handmade our shirts!! They turned out so much better than they would have if we had them screen printed elsewhere.  Thanks for your hard work ladies-  you are rockstars!!  Some of our hubbies came with us and they made shirts for them also. ;)

Here are some pics of the shirts and of our fabulous night! 

This was before Cheryl and I got motion sick ha ha We were in the last row in the first section... that was a little too close for us ;)  We ended up sitting in the handicapped stall on the floor behind everyone.

 Me, Amanda, Cheryl, Nichole, Brit, Meagan, and Jeanette

 Now you all know what BCB's stands for tee hee

 The couples in attendance. Our cute hubbies are such good sports, but I think their shirts are awesome!

All of us


  1. So cute!! Love the shirts! And did you know your husband is like 8 ft tall?! :)


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