Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amanda hosted the funnest Book Club in January and I wanted to share some of the cute photos.  She is such a great hostess!  We had such a good time and ate delicious food as always.  We had homemade Cafe Rio salads... mmmm yummy!  Then we played a fun game and were silly, as always.  That month we read 'Little Children' by Tom Perotta.  Note all of the great decor that her and Nichole made.

Brit, Meagan, and Cheryl

Nichole, Evie and Jenn

Me and Amanda... and Whit, making the best/saddest face ever.  We love you Whit!

Brit and M'Liss in the "photobooth"- so cute!

What is that I spy? Banana clips?!? That is right, one of the prizes from the game we played. ha ha

Brit rocking her B clip

 Cheryl with hers

All of us and Amanda's awesome decor!

Nichole and Evie

Cheryl and Amanda

Me and Jenn

Amanda and Nichole

Lovely Whit

These ladies are my kind of people.  We have so much fun together, as you can see!  I always look forward to our get togethers, which is why Book Club was the best idea I ever had!!!!  Love ya ladies!

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