Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting My Fitness On

This year I have been focused on losing weight.  I got my pass to the Clearfield Aquatic Center renewed and I have been working out 4 times a week. {I am hoping to increase that to 5 or 6 if Chris doesn't want to kill me because of it...} I love working out!  It is one of those things where if you get out of the habit then it gets really hard to go back.  I have been out of the exercise-regularly-thing mostly since I have been married.  I worked out here and there when we were first married but after I started having babies I guess it wasn't as much of a priority to me.  After I had Owen I decided that I had a strong desire to be smaller but even more so to be healthier.  That is what I needed- a burning desire.

I have figured out that I am not good at running on a treadmill and lifting weights by myself.  I absolutely HATE running so I would do the elliptical quite a bit but felt like I wasn't getting as good of a work out.  So I was kind of dreading going to the gym. 

This time around I decided that I needed to exercise in a way that was fun and motivating for me.  I started going to classes instead of doing the run-of-the-mill exercising. {not that there is anything wrong with that, it just isn't my style}  I love the motivation I get from having a teacher that is enthusiastic and encouraging.  I like the camaraderie of the class setting and am lucky that most all the ladies that go to the classes are so nice and aren't there to "show boat".  We are all dying or killing it TOGETHER!

The classes that I love are Zumba Toning {much harder and better (IMO) than regular Zumba} where you use weights so you aren't only getting cardio but you are toning as well.  I also like this class called Tonic where you blend dance, sculpting and step with power intervals and you learn a choreographed fitness routine that you "perform" at the end of class- so fun!  I have always enjoyed Yoga, so I do that once a week as well.  I would enjoy doing that more but right now I am more focused on burning tons of calories so I may do more yoga later.  There are a couple other classes that I want to try soon, one being Plyometric Power and the other is Dance Fitness.

The last part of my weight loss plan is the website that I use to track my exercise and caloric and water intake called  It is such a great website and has been very useful for me.  It makes me think about every bite of food I eat because I know I am only allotted a certain amount of calories each day, to be able to lose the weight I would like to.  They also have message boards and other means of support that are nice if you want a little extra motivation.

I am down 15 lbs {or so...} from my pre-preg weight with Owen, so that is encouraging but I still have 15-25 lbs to go.  I will see where my body feels the most comfortable and if I can keep losing weight to make that 25 lbs goal, then I will do it!  This is a slow process and I wish I could see the results faster but I know that is not how healthy weight loss works and I want to do it the right way so I can turn this into a lifestyle.  It has taken me a while to get to the point where I am motivated enough to do this with gusto; I am there now.  I could still work on not sneaking unhealthy snacks here and there but I have been doing good at staying within my goal of 1200 calories a day, so that makes me feel good.

Sorry if this was boring or obnoxious, I just wanted to write down my thoughts in case I hit a road block and feel differently in the future because then I can look back and help encourage myself to get to this happy place again. ;)  If you have been wanting to lose weight or get healthier, do it!  Don't wait, there is no better time and a few months from now, you will be glad you didn't put it off any longer!

Let me know if any of you guys are doing the same thing or if you need some ideas or words of encouragement in your weight loss journey.  We can support each other!! 

{I wish I would've taken a real before.  But this is me from last Spring.} BEFORE

This is me now...

I can see a little bit of progress, I still have a ways to go.  I will keep thinking- "I can do this, I can do this"!


  1. I have been meaning to tell you how impressed i am with you!! I was the best worker outer before i got pregnant but I've lost all habits.. besides eating ;) i even think from time to time who i wish i lived by so they could motivate me to go back to it and you made the list. if only....

  2. Your looking great Dari! I can definately see a difference- even if its not a "true" before and after picture! I wish we had the types of gyms here that you get in America!! (and that they were just as cheap!)I really need to get that burning desire to work out as well- I find it so much easier to go home and sit on the couch after work...and isnt my fitness pal great? I love it!

  3. You go Girl! I was just looking at pics from my bday and thinking 'Man, Dari looks hot!'
    I love that you have fallen in love with Zumba as well. And Zumba toning is my fav! I've been thinking about posting something similar to this post. But because I'm 'fluffy' and embarrassed by really admitting to how much I need to lose etc. (Oh and I suck at blogging lately!)I keep stopping myself. But then I think it will make me stay motivated to keep on track because I put it out there for all to see, and I don't want everyone to know I'm a failure. So I may be posting something like this soon...

    Again YOU GO GIRL. I think you look great. Wish we lived closer so we could be Zumba buds.

  4. You look so great Dari! Your post has totally inspired me! I have been trying to eat healthier, but need to add in some exercise if I want to see results. Way to go girl!!

  5. Dari, thank you so much!! It is not easy for anyone to get to the point where you are, and all I have to say is WAY TO GO! Thanks for your insight too, this has really inspired me to get off my (fat) ass and DO SOMETHING to change my situation! You really do look great. When do you work out? I know how busy you are.

  6. I can't believe you're able to stick to 1200 calories- that is impressive. That's determination right there!

  7. Dari, you can do it!! You look fantastic :) You are motivating me to go back to my gym class too!! I havent been since I got back from my trip home and now that I am driving I need to get my tush into gear :) You are awesome and you look fantastic :)

  8. Dari, all your hard work is paying off. It's really inspirational to see all your working out on MFP. Glad you like it, I have used it on and off for a year now and really enjoy keeping track and staying accountable. You look beautiful and I can tell a difference. Keep it up, way to go!

  9. I thought you looked good before, but you look awesome now!

    I wish I could get into Zumba like you and Amanda, but it's just not my style unfortunately :(

    Im using myfitnesspal now as well and I'm working on 1500 calories a day right now, which somehow seems to be a struggle given the habits I've developed in the last year or two -- I can't imagine 1200 on top of working out like a mad woman! You're way tougher than me.


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