Monday, January 16, 2012

Owen's 1 Year Pics Preview

Oh my goodness, can I just tell you how amazing my friend Jeanette is?  She came clear up to my house from Orem just to take some pics of my sweet bubbers for his 1st Birthday.  The ones I have seen are just perfect :)  I have to say that I am jealous of Jeanette and her ambition to grow and learn and be creative.  She has been learning more about photography, songwriting, and fine-tuning her guitar playing skills as well, I do believe (correct me if I'm wrong Nutters).  She makes me feel lazy, I need to get working on some self improvement this year.  Maybe I should make some resolutions.... did I just say that?  I never make resolutions!  Anyway, thank you Jeanette, these are images that I will treasure forever!


  1. Awww, you are too kind to me Dari!! Thank you!! I'm so happy you like them, can't wait for you to see the rest. He's such a doll!

    Ps. You are a bundle of talent and so not lazy!:)

  2. So adorable! Little Owen is the cutest! And Jeanette did amazing! I better be next in line for pictures Jeanette!!!

  3. owen is TOOOOO cute! love his curls.

    and amazing job jeanette! I;m right behind Amanda in line.


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