Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday- The Moth and The Flame

You locals probably already know this great band but for those of you that aren't from here or don't know them, you will be glad I showed you.  The Moth and The Flame.  Provo is putting out so much great music right now and I am glad to be here so I can be a part of it.  I finally went to see these guys play live 2 weekends ago, they played with my friend Scott's band, Book on Tape Worm.  The show was called "Slumber Party" because of the mellow nature of the music being performed. It was a moving show, shared with some of our closest friends and beside having to sit on blankets and getting butt aches and cramped legs, it was awesome! The music was beautiful and the artists hearts were into the tunes they were sharing.  As of right now you can only get their CD in physical form, meaning at a show or you can order it on their website, but no MP3's yet.  They want you to get the full effect of the artwork with the album. However, if you go to their website and click on "listen", there is a playlist so you can listen to some of their music. Enjoy!

Here is a pic of Scott at the show the other weekend, soo good!

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