Monday, January 30, 2012

Music Monday- Gotye

I heard this song a while ago by GOTYE and I must admit, I thought it was just...ok... not much more than that.  But since then I heard it a bunch more and it really grew on me.  Hence why most of you have probably heard it already but just in case there are some of you that haven't, I felt it was worth posting.  My friend Kelli and I have been loving this song lately and she said her hubby is going crazy because she listens to it so much haha! 

His voice (in this song) reminds me a lot of Sting and I think that was the thing I liked best first.  The rest of the album I have only ran through once or twice so I am not sure what my opinion is yet but I didn't not like it either ;)

Check out- Somebody That I Used To Know

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