Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Owen's 1 Year Stats

This sweet bubbies had quite the Dr's appt.  He had to get three vaccinations and had his blood drawn for iron and other tests.  He was a trooper though, he is such a strong boy!

These were his stats-
  • Height- 33 inches- over 100%
  • Weight- 26.12 lbs- 90%
He is still getting so tall and is starting to lose his baby chub :(  But don't worry, he still has some chunky thighs that I can squeeze.

He is saying, na na for no no, ma ma, da da, ga ga and a few other cute things.  He is standing against everything and walking around whilst holding on.  He crawls around at turbo speed and loves climbing up the stairs, to my dismay.  We have to gate the tops and bottoms of stairs now and that is inconvenient with a town house.  We have 3 baby gates that get used multiple times a day. 

He is starting to snuggle more, which makes me really happy since Lola wasn't much of a cuddler and neither was Owen until now.  He is so happy and loves to smile at anyone who admires him.  However, he has been a crappy sleeper lately.  He wakes up and needs a bottle and some loves once most nights lately.  It kills me some nights, I have been spoiled, Lola was such a good sleeper and he used to be as well, so now that he is waking up again I have to remind myself to enjoy these moments since they won't last forever and be grateful for the snuggles he is willing to share.  He usually doesn't stay up for too long so that is good. 

I am still waiting to get some of his birthday party photos from my friends, since my camera sucks and my mom's was broken.  So I will post about that later :)

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