Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Of My Fav Fall/Winter Looks

I am pretty much obsessed with the cute layers, statement pieces, and looks that are popular this fall season.  I have collected a few of my favourite looks from my Pinterest account and put them here to discuss.  {I have linked the sources for the outfits and some of the clothing as well.}

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I love most anything flowy and/or pleated. A pleated skirt has been on the wishlist for a while but as a lot of you may relate to.... I can't just go buy everything I want whenever I want it.  We are on a budget people!  So this may have to be put is on the Christmas list...

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Still loving the Minnetonka boots! {I think I blogged about these last winter...}These will be on Lola's Christmas list and may be on mine as well. 

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Simple and cute!  I need to invest in some more button up tops then I will be set to pull off this outfit with a few different sweaters... this just reminded me that I need to pull my Banana Republic sweater out of the DI pile because it may work to complete this outfit {this is why I have such a hard time cleaning out my closet!!}

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I am loving my blazers again now that it is getting cooler.  I love the rolled up jeans and boots look here too.  I need a pair of sleek lace-up boots.  I am hoping I can find a cute pair at Target so this can be an immediate purchase that I won't feel guilty about ;)  Love this look!

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Form fitted, feminine coats.  Of course as far as coats go Anthropologie never lets me down.  I lucked out a few years back and got an adorable coat on sale {Internet return} it was the only one in the store, it was my size, and it was $125, quite the bargain for a coat at Anthro but sadly my mom told me to retire it last year as it was getting a couple little holes in the sleeves from wear.  Apparently I looked homeless because she even offered to buy me a new one- I was pregnant so I didn't bank in on that as much as I could have if I weren't i.e. I can't wear the coat this year, as it would be giganto on me... :(  Such is life.

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CAPES!!!  This one is on my list, I even emailed it to Chris... I like to give very subtle suggestions for gifts at holiday time HA HA!  I would love to have people tell me exactly what they wanted.  It would make gift shopping a lot easier. 

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Boot socks!! I am obsessed with boots and wear them almost everyday in the winter.  I usually buy at least one nice pair of boots to add to the collection every fall and I keep most boots in rotation for at least 3 years, or longer if the style permits.  So lets add a butt-load of boot socks to the mix!! This is another item I will be going to Target for.  Socks are one thing I have a hard time wanting to spend much money on.

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Beautiful sweaters!  Can I get a collective sigh for how amazing this sweater is?!  Don't click on the link though... you may pass out when you see the price of this life-savings-costing-sweater (ok not that bad... but close) Damn you Anthro for enticing and teasing us with beautiful items and then laughing in our face when you see our saddened faces and puppy dog eyes when we see the price tag.  Boo hoo!  I think I may give grandma B a call and see if she can knit me up this suckers twin!

I could go on and on but lets stop there for now. 
What are you loving for this cold season??

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  1. Pinterest is so addicting! I also have gathered a complication of cute outfits I want to try to recreate. I should go shopping with you since you are THE most stylish girl I know. I love your looks, you've got some cute stuff!


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