Monday, November 7, 2011

Gardner Village Witches Outing

We went with my family to Gardner Village the Saturday before Halloween and had so much fun!  Here are the kids ready to go and Lola in her real Halloween costume.  On Halloween she decided that she wanted to wear one of her "dress ups" instead of her actual costume but was cute none the less.

I could just eat this guy up!

My cute Bumble Bee, she would chase people around making a buzzing sound.

Getting her face painted

Mammah and Owen on the "Ride to a Witch" ride

Lola riding a pony.  This was the highlight of her day! All day long she kept asking things like, "Can I ride a pony?", "Can I ride the pink pony or the purple or the green one?"  I had to explain that they would probably be brown and black or tan ha ha

She was in heaven!! Lola saw my sister and said "Nicole, I have a horsey!"

Owen watching sissy ride

The whole fam was there on my side, so when I get the pics from my sis, I will post them too!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the costumes, your kiddos are so cute. They both have such darling little faces!


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