Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scooter Adventures

 I'm not quite sure what to call this fun little contraption but Lola kept calling it a scooter and that works for me...

My mom bought this cool new toy for Lola to play with while she is at my parent's house.  She loved it and couldn't stop riding it around on their hardwood floors.  Well, Owen was a little restless that day and this boy doesn't crawl yet so we needed a way for him to get around and have fun so we put him on the back with Lola and would hold him up while they scooted around.  The only problem was that your legs would get really tired from bending down at a weird angle to be able to hold him up... then my mom came up with the best idea ever.  This is how the conversation went (paraphrased)-

Me- "Man, my legs are really starting to hurt and I am getting tired of holding Owen on the scooter.  But him and Lola are having so much fun."
Mom- "I wish there was a way to rig a harness on there for him..."
Me- "even if we buckled him, he would lean back and fall off..."
Mom- "I have an idea, we could buckle him to Lola.  That way he wouldn't fall backwards and would stay right against her.  There is a belt on the kitchen table we could use..."
Me- "ha ha ha... what a GREAT idea!!"

So I went and got the belt and buckled them together and they had a blast!!! We figured out that we needed to put the belt really high on their chests so Owen wouldn't lean back and scare the crap out of us.  When you watch the video, which is a little crazy, (blame the camera woman- read: me) you can tell I was a little concerned about my baby as evidenced by the scare toward the end of the video. "Ryker, Ryker!!" (my little bro) LOL

Here they are, happy as can be. Trashy-rigged together.


  1. Oh man I love this so much. Good stuff.

  2. that is awesome. speaking of white trash, do you remember the old lawn mower minus the engine we used to push around the block to "white's hill"? hahaha Payson brings out the trashiness!

  3. ha ha it's like primitive babywearing!

  4. I Love it! Sheer genuineness! That is so cute!


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