Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lola's 3 Year Stats

Lola had her well child check-up this week and she is still growing like a weed, but is back on the charts again... It's been a while.

Height- 40"- 97th %

Weight- 39 lbs- 97th %

She was not happy that we were going to the dr's office for her, it's been for Owen boy since he was born but beside a few tears because she was scared, everything went great. They grow up so fast!!

We sure love our spunky, sweet, smart and silly girl!

She also went to her first dance class this week and loved it!! She couldn't stop talking about it. Here she is after it was finished. She looks pleased as punch!


  1. I want her to play volleyball someday. It's a good sport for tall girls and is still a little girlie. I can't wait to get Ruth in dance classes....3 more years!!

  2. She is too cute! I love that she has started dance! I can't wait until Evey can do the same.

  3. It blows me away that she is already 3!! She is so dang cute, and stylish! :) I bet it was so exciting to take her to her first dance class!


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