Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Owen is 6 Months

This baby boy is a dream come true.  He seriously is such a mild-mannered, happy, and well-behaved baby.  He is such a bundle of joy and I couldn't ask for more.  He evens out Lola's bad behavior when she decides to be a stinker.  She is 2 years old after all.  Owen loves to laugh at his sissy and thinks she is the greatest lady around.  He smiles at almost anyone who speaks to him and he hardly ever cries.  He maybe cries once a day... knock on wood.

He went to his 6 month check-up and here are the stats:

Weight- 20lbs and 7oz, 90%
Height- 29 1/2", 100%

Highlights of the appt- The Dr. said the word "smegma" again (LOL), Owen tried to pee on the Dr., Owen stared at the Dr., with his stern look, nearly the entire time (we were laughing so hard!).  He did have to get some shots but he did great!

Here is the big boy himself, making his trademarked face. (and if you look very close, there is a tiny little tuft of hair that forms a mohawk in the middle of his bald, baby head.

Last but not least, I gave Owen veggies for the first time this week and it was NOT a hit.  We will keep trying...  My friend Kelli was over and she helped with the filming and we were laughing so hard.  You would think we were feeding Owen lemon juice and onions by the look on his face and his reaction.


  1. Owen is so cute! That was so funny feeding him and I must say the person filming did a great job and I'm sure she knew how to use your phone without any help :) You have the cutest kids, I just love them both!

  2. Oh damn, that video is so funny!!! I can't believe it's been 6 months already, time flies! I love his trademark face!!

  3. I can not believe he is already 6 months old! What a sweet blessing, he is such a good baby!


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