Monday, June 20, 2011

This weekend Lola was such a ham!  My mom and I were laughing so hard at her silly antics.  She is very creative and speaks quite well for her age, so sometimes the things that come out of her mouth are downright hilarious!  We can't believe how cute she is and we aren't quite sure where she got it?!

Here she is trying on a mock-up of a flower girl dress for Nic's wedding... dancing of course.
You are probably wondering what this is below, well it is Lola wrapped up in her blanket cocoon at my mom's house.  She kept wanting to open the back door and wrap up in the blanket and lay there.  But it was getting a little chilly so my mom told her to shut the door and then went back to working on the computer and a few minutes later my mom got up to get a glass of water and comes back and notices this.  She thought it was just a blanket at first but then she reached down and felt it and realized Lola was sleeping inside.  We were laughing so hard!!!!  I had to take a pic, then I put her in her nice soft bed.  ;)  See what I mean, she is silly.

While we were down at my parents, me and my mom took the kids to the Payson pool and had a great time.  It is nice with little kids because they don't have to run all over the place to have fun and Owen just chills.  We wore him right out.

Lola got some sour treats and got sugar crystals all over her.
 Next was Father's Day. We gave my dad his gift on Saturday since we were at my parents over the weekend.  Then after church we went and had dinner with Chris's parents at their house.  Lola and I made cards for Daddy and Paw Paw earlier in the day and she was so excited to hand them out!
I love this ombre sweater vest of Owen's, he wore it to church yesterday.
This was the message we sent to dad because he had to work the first half of the day yesterday.

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the Fathers in your lives had a fun Father's day!!


  1. aw what a sweet girl! She is so silly, it's fun!

  2. Oh, I just laughed right out loud when I saw that picture of Lola inside her blanket! Your children are beautiful! Seriously. (and now I feel like I need a little boy specifically for ombre vest wearing purposes.)

    Dari, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment today. It IS a challenging time, but the outpouring of love and support from people like you has made it so much more bearable! Thank you times infinity for your thoughts and prayers. I really just read your comment and it lifted me right up.
    I am so glad you found me and have been reading my blog! The best part being that I get to stalk you back. Yes!


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