Monday, June 6, 2011

Music Monday- (new) My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is a band that I feel have evolved quite a bit from what they used to be.  I can't say that it is necessarily better than the old sound, but I wouldn't say it is worse either... it is different.  This band has almost a psychedelic sound to them with the vocal effects they use and such.  This album actually has less of that, which is what makes it less identifiable right away.  I like the album but can't say I love it... yet.  I am going to give it more time and I am sure I will like it more and more.  I think I get used to the way I expect a band to sound and when it changes a lot then the stubborn part of me gets a little worked up ha ha

Here is the song 'Victory Dance' from their new album 'Circuital'.

To give you a taste of their older stuff and to get a real feel of them and their perfomances, here is 'Mahgeetah' from their album 'It Still Moves'.  Oh I love it and they were so great live the last time they came here!! Chris and I went and saw them at The Depot a few years back and they rocked hard.  There was this annoying person in the crowd that kept yelling, "Yay Jim" and "Ya Jim James".  {The lead singer goes by Jim James but his real name is James Olliges Jr} We were thinking, shut the hell up, we all know that the lead singers name is Jim and no, you don't know him personally so STOP!! ha ha Good times!!  This is the same set up they had on the tour that we saw them.

WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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