Monday, May 9, 2011

An Outfit To Share #6

 Ok I need some opinions... I wore this to work today and I have already had so many looks and comments on what I am wearing ha ha  My boss called my head scarf a "chemo cap", someone else said I looked like a gypsy (not a bad thing...) and I have had numerous shocked reactions. 

I didn't really think I was going THAT FAR out on a limb.  But you know me, I wear what I want regardless of what others will think :)  I was reading my email from the Rachel Zoe Report (click to read) a few days ago and it talked about 'Savior Scarves'.  I loved them and I thought, "I have a scarf that would be perfect for that.  I have got to try it out".  I was running short on time today and didn't want to spend a lot of time doing my hair... hence the name 'Savior Scarf' and that is was.  I really like it, but between the scarf and the maxi skirt, it may be a bit much for the fashionably clueless folks that work here with me in North Ogden, UT {let me clarify; they aren't all clueless, but a lot of them... ;) }  So my point is, What do you guys think?  Do you like head scarves?

Outfit Details
Head Scarf- Urban Outfitters (5 or so years ago...)
Sweater Vest- Nordstrom
Tan Shirt- J. Crew
Belt- Nordstrom
Skirt- Nordstrom (a Mother's Day gift from my mom)
Shoes- Target


  1. Okay. So I think you look ultra chic with your head scarf and maxi skirt! I am loving the combo!

    I also would have probably mentally punched my boss in the gut if he/she would have called my head scarf a 'chemo cap'.

    Ugh. whatever. What was he or she wearing? Their pants up to their armpits?

    I'm heading to the rachel zoe report right now.

  2. I wear headscarves all summer and get looks too...but really everyone is just trying to figure out whether or not they could pull it off too.

  3. I think you look great!! I wouldn't be able to pull off the scarf because I wouldn't know how to put it on my head an have it look cute. So someday you can teach me :) You look good!

  4. I think you look so cute!! I totally know about the weird looks at work. I can't even wear red lipstick without getting comments- "Whoa, where you goin?" Stuff like that. So I try and experiment outside of work.

  5. I do like it!! Head scarfs are in cause we're all tired of wearing them on our necks. Meaning-I'm tired of the scarf thing. Everyone is wearing them and wearing them and wearing's getting old. It reminds me of the big 3/4 sleeve think that hit the big time around 1998 or the white male sneaker thing. MOVE ON ALREADY!!!

    This coming from a person who is currently wearing cut off jeans:) I'm in a mood. sorry. but I do like the head scarf.

  6. I think you look super cute! Not everyone can pull off a head scarf, but you totally can!

  7. I love that outfit! I wish i could pull together outfits as cute as you do! They definately don't know what they are talking about- its a good combination! Utah is definately not always known as a "fashion-forward" kind of place, so just keep on doing what you feel good in and what looks good to you!

  8. Dari I love the head scarf and the out fit, its not as intense looking as those turban head scarfs and I like that about it. Keep it up sexy mama!!

  9. Loving the head scarf!!! Nicely done Dari, the whole outfit gets a stamp of approval from me.:)


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