Friday, March 25, 2011

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

I have seen people do these before and enjoyed seeing what products they love and thought it was just interesting to see what other people lug around in their diaper bags.  Sometimes I feel like a hoarder with all the stuff I carry around in my diaper bag.  So here it is and hopefully it is helpful to some of the new mom's to be out there!

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List of items: (left to right)
  1. Nursing Cover from my friend Kristi by Milk Chic.
  2. 'Stache Booties by Pleasantly Plump Knits.
  3. A spare onesie of course
  4. A + D Diaper ointment, just in case.  I also use Desitin. (luckily Owen hasn't needed this much yet)
  5. A spare bottle and newborn formula for when we are out about with nowhere to nurse or if he is getting baby sat and needs to drink my pumped breast milk.
  6. Baby Magic Lotion, I love the smell of this so much.
  7. Breast pads, yes I still leak sometimes.  They are a necessity for breastfeeding moms, at least for the first few months.(I prefer Lansinoh or Avent brands)
  8. A spare binky, with my babies I have never wanted to be without one.(we like Nip or Avent brands)
  9. His American Apparel beanie, it is still cold on and off here in Utah.
  10. His Sophie the Giraffe teething toy, it is just entertaining for now, she squeaks!
  11. Diapees and Wipees case from my aunt Heather from Nordstrom.  You can put a diaper and small wipe case in it so you only need to take that when you go to the bathroom for a change at a restaurant or church or whatever it may be.
  12. First Aid items, a snot-sucker bulb, a thermometer and nail clippers.
  13. Mylicon, sometimes something I eat makes my boy gassy and this stuff helps with gassy tummies.
  14. Diapers of course, I prefer Huggies
  15. The Diaper bag itself.
  16. I noticed something was missing... one of the most important things. His burp rag, we use cloth diapers, they are way more absorbent than regular burp rags.
If any of you ladies would like to do this I would LOVE to see what is in your diaper bags.  So leave me a link in the comments!  This was fun!


  1. Thank you for sharing! I will definitely refer back to this post when I'm packing my diaper bag soon :)

  2. I love it!! That helps this newbie mom a lot! If my diaper bag is going to be anything like my purse is, I will need a huge one! I carry everything I think I might ever need in my purse!

  3. I still leak and it's been 5 months. Well only at night. In my diaper bag I have diapers, wipes, A+D cream I love that stuff. She hasn't had a rash yet. But I only use it when we use disposable diapers, she wears cloth diapers most of the time. Then we have lotion, a travel size pre-prepared similac bottle, nursing cover, blanket, onsie, outfit and my wallet and keys oh and Mr. Jangles(toy) and whatever else gets thrown in there. I didn't think I had that much stuff in there but written down looks like alot.

  4. Less is more here: I have never had a diaper bag... just one more thing to lug around. I just throw in a travel pack of wipes, a few disposables and a sipppy cup. I do have a spare outfit, bottle and formula, blanket, and diapers in my storage area in my trunk. My purse is big so it can hold whatever else I may need to throw in.

    I love all your cute stuff in your diaper bag!


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