Monday, March 28, 2011

First Day After Maternity Leave

It is my first day back at work and all is going well. I was anxious last night and couldn’t sleep, I don’t think I fell asleep until after 1am (oh boy). However Owen boy gave me a present and slept 7 ½ hours straight! So I didn’t have to wake up in the night and feed him.

Everyone at work has been very sweet and has gone out of their way to tell me that they are glad that I am back. They even got me cupcakes. I work with some great people and I work for a great company. It would have been a lot harder to come back if I didn’t have so many awesome friends at work.  I was worried about pumping but I was able to pump over 15 oz of milk today at work and that makes me feel great!  I drank around 87 oz of water and herbal tea today so as long as I keep that up I should be fine in that dept.

The drop off at the babysitter went well too. We bought Lola a ‘Ni Hao Kai Lan’ back pack that she could put some treasures and things in to take to the babysitters and she has been really excited about it! She did great and didn’t cry or fuss. Owen did well too; he was asleep so that made it easier. I decided I was going to have a good attitude and not be sad when I dropped them off because it would make it easier on all of us. I didn’t even cry. (I might have a little bit last night after everyone was asleep…but not a lot)

My friend Alysha is watching them and has been so sweet about listening to all my requests for them and letting me go through my list of things that she needed to know. She has been sensitive to the fact that it is hard to leave your babies and go back to work. She had to do it herself for a while.

All in all this time around has been much easier and I can’t wait to get home to my babies! They are so sweet and Alysha told me that both of them together are easier than her daughter by herself ha ha. I must say that I have been blessed with sweet, laid-back children.

It will be nice to get back into the swing of things but I will definitely miss being home all day with my babies. I am glad that I still have 4 full days home with them and I know I am lucky for that.

Here are a couple of pictures, for good measure. This was them yesterday, in my bed mind you.


  1. good job Momma!!!! and those pictures are adorable :)

  2. those pics are so sweet!! i love puppy piles.

  3. This was good to read. I have to go bak to work next week, which is exciting and stressful all at the same time. Good thing I like my job too.

  4. Glad you survived going back to work. I'm sure it's hard. LOVE the pics. of Lola and Owen sleeping next to each other! SO sweet!

  5. I love the pictures! They are just so sweet! It sounds like your first day back went well and that makes me smile. Go Dari! You're a great momma.


  6. Those pictures are so cute!!! I'm glad work went well and that you work with great people!!

  7. I'm already dreading coming back to work, and I haven't even left yet- I did however start training yesterday(eeeeek)- But even when I leave Meli for the weekend with my parents I start sobbing. But all seemed to go well for you. Good job!

  8. Good job Dari! I am glad everything worked out so well with the new sitter:)oh and I love the pic.s:)precious!


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