Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lou goofing around

My sleeping babes

The first smile I caught on camera.  I know it was just gas, but still.

and another, so dang sweet!

We were comparing the size of Owen and my friend Jess's baby Lucas, they are 4 weeks apart, and Lola had to join in- sans pants, as usual.

Owen and Lola, acting like a baby ;)

Owen in his new American Apparel cardigan and beanie, this pic shows his huge hand well.  I had huge hands when I was a baby too.  My mom said she called me spider fingers HA

Another cute outfit from Mammah

My sis took this precious picture for me.

My sleepy prince
Things around here have been great!  I had a fun week, I went to lunch and shopping with my friend Jess from work and went to lunch with my friends Les and Ash and their cute girls another day.  Also Chris and I had our Anniversary and spent it at the car lot, but we did get to go eat dinner a El Matador, a great Mexican restaurant.  It was super classy (I'm being facetious) but at least we ordered the virgin daiquiri's to celebrate!  We are pretty low maintenance, it was just fun to be together and be excited about getting a new car too :)  We hung out with Chris's parents for the super bowl and I read a book while they watched, I don't care about sports much.  {Although I do LOVE ReAL Salt Lake Soccer. I'm excited to go see them play Columbus Crew on March 1st!}  I think those are the main highlights from the last week or so.  

I hope everyone is surviving the cold and dreary weather and is getting ready for a fun Valentine's Day!!  I still need to think of something fun for our family to do that day... any ideas?

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  1. I love little ones in jeans!! They are just too cute!!


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