Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Haps...

I am a slacker at this blogging thing, here are my excuses:
  • My baby is way too cute to stop loving on to blog
  • My laptop is old and ancient, read- super slow
  • I never go down to the basement to use the nice Mac computer
  • Lola walks by the laptop cord and unplugs it, mid-blog, ya my old laptop has to be plugged in at all times.
  • I feel like I am boring right now and may not have much to blog about.
Here are a few fun things that I have done lately though:
  • My friend Kristi came to town (from Oregon) so I got to spend some time with her.  Including a girls night with her and her sister Summer, that was a lot of fun!
  • My friend Kelly came to town (from North Carolina) and we had a girls night with all my hometown friends and the babies everyone has been having lately.  {except for mine, he is still to young to go out with lots of people but mostly kids...}
  • I have been down to visit my parents a few times. 
  • I had a fun book club, which I took Owen too because we friends had a room to ourselves at the delicious newer joint called "The Chocolate" and everyone was in good health.  It has all the desserts your little heart could desire and it was tasty!  I LOVE book club!
Amanda (Chloe), Nichole (Evie), Me (Owen)
Us as the preggers at a previous book club
Nichole, Me, Jeanette, Cheryl, Amanda, Meagan, and Whitney at The Chocolate
Oh and I chopped and colored my hair!!!  It was time to go brown again and I am enjoying it.

Coming up tomorrow- My 4th wedding anniversary!!  Chris and I have a night out on the town planned.  SLC here we come, we can't go to far with the new baby and all but it will be a lot of fun.  My great in laws will be watching the kids.

I will do a kid update soon as well.  I can say that Owen is growing like a weed and if my scale is correct he has already hit or is close to the 12 lb mark!! You go baby boy!


  1. If he is already 12 pounds that means he has passed up Scarlet in the weight department. That didn't take long!! Holy crap!

  2. I love book club, big babies and you....and your new hair is fabulous and I love it!

  3. HARRY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! I accidentally spelled it that way then didn't change it cause I liked it better:) SOOOOOO glad I got to see you and Owen while we were there!! You should come see me cause I like you!!


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