Thursday, December 23, 2010


With Owen coming so soon it makes me think back on when Lola was born.  What an amazing and life-changing day that was.  I look at the photos and old blog posts and can't stop smiling.  It warms my heart and soul to think about how much love we had and have for our sweet baby girl.  The fact that we get to experience that again and bring this baby boy into the world just blows me away.  Being a parent really is the best gift you could be given.  I will stop babbling but here is the link to Lola's birth post, what a beauty!!

I hope you all have a magical Christmas and spend it with the people you love.  We are headed to my parents tonight, {thanks UDOT for the freeway closure tonight!} let's hope Chris and I make it in one piece.  Lola is already at their house, having a blast!

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