Wednesday, December 22, 2010

37 Week Update

We have reached full-term!!  YAY!!!  This boy is growing like a weed.  I went in Monday and he was measuring in the mid 8 lb range.  The Dr said we may luck out and he will be smaller than Lola, but we are delivering a little earlier than we did with her, so that is probably the only reason why, if he is smaller ;)  The Dr said he will probably have me go into the hospital next Thursday night the 30th!  We will formulate our final plan at my appt next Tuesday.  We are getting so excited and ready for him to come.  I have to keep reminding myself to just relax and have fun this week, you know with Christmas and all.  But my countdown all year has been to when Owen is born.  I can't believe Christmas is just a few days away.  We are all very excited!  Lola will understand more this year and is so excited for Santa to come!!!

 Apparently I am getting too big for my maternity shirts... to bad that at this point I don't care!  The world is lucky that I don't wear my Muumuu everywhere... that I save for home, Chris LOVES it!
 My view

Sorry about no Music Monday... if anyone noticed.  This week has been nuts!


  1. WOW! We are so excited for you guys!! Hope to see you Christmas Eve :)

  2. Lucky you! You're so close. And your hair looks super cute as always.

  3. congrats Dari! im so excited for you and your family! i hope you have a wonderful christmas and I wish i looked as cute as you are looking! i love that cardigan!


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