Monday, December 13, 2010

Music Monday- Christmas Mixes

I have a had a few people ask for ideas on good Christmas albums/songs.  Sometimes you get sick of the same stuff that gets played over and over by the local radio stations.  I do love the classics most of the time but I like to mix things up.  So here are some options to help you with your rock/indie Christmas tunes burning desire.

  • One of my favorite places for indie music is Indie Rock Cafe they have put a bunch of compilations together for your enjoyment and also tell you where to find more.  CLICK HERE.
  • You know I love my Sufjan Stevens Christmas Music so I rock those CD's often, thanks to my friend, J Nut, making copies of hers for me :)
  • Pandora is a fabulous place to find good Christmas Music, for one my stations I put in "Sufjan Stevens (holiday)" and it plays his Christmas music and other artists like him.  Very enjoyable!
Here are a few of Holiday Goodies for you!

"Chistmas in July"- Sufjan Stevens

"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"- Death Cab For Cutie

"The Christmas Song"- Weezer
They released a Christmas album back in 2008 called "Christmas with Weezer".

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