Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby Showers Galore!

I have been very blessed to have 2 baby showers so far.  I am so appreciative!  You don't realize all the things you need to buy when you have a baby of the opposite sex.  So these showers have helped take the stress off of buying loads of baby supplies during the holidays. Thanks to everyone's kindness and generosity toward my family and I.

The first shower was given by my friend Alysha, it was on December 9th.  She lives in my neighborhood and has been fun to get to know and go on walks with in the evenings this last summer and fall.  I am hoping I can still do the walks with the two kids when the weather warms up a bit...I can do it! haha  Alysha did a dessert bar and drinks,  my mother in law, Jeanette, and Brit helped with food as well.  So thanks to everyone!

 Me and my mother in law, Betsy

 Shannon, Vicki, and Ashley

 Melissa, Kim and Jeanette

 Brit and Sienna (Kim's daughter, isn't she adorable?!)

 Me and Alysha and her sweet baby Bailee

Brit, Me, Jeanette, Melissa, Kim and Sienna

I was a slacker and didn't get pics of Kim and Betty :(
Thanks to everyone for coming and especially to these last ladies for driving up from Utah County.  I love you guys so much!

Then last night my sweet high school friends Ashley and Leslie threw me a shower down in Utah County.  As I was walking out the door I realized we didn't take a single picture.  :(  But people were in and out fairly quickly and so I decided it would've been hard to get a good group pic anyway.  They made some delicious soups, rolls and cupcakes and had cute party favors with hand sanitizer in them.  You know I will need tons of that after Owen is here.  Thanks ladies!!  Also it was so funny, we all ended up bringing our kids with us to the shower, so between all of us there we had 8 kids and babies.  We were missing a few ladies that couldn't make it so there could have been more but we are really popping them out HA HA

I have one last family shower that my aunt is throwing for my cousin and I, since we are due 4 weeks apart, and that is next week.  I am excited.  Then it is Christmas time and baby time!!! 

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