Monday, October 11, 2010

Less Than 100

I was just poking around on CafeMom and saw my baby ticker which read that I have 93 days left until baby is born...  CRAZY!!!  Where has the time gone?  Less than 100 days...  Pregnancy is a tricky one, it can go buy so fast and then other times it feels like it takes FOR-E-VER.  But I have been trying to just relax and enjoy it.  We are so excited for baby Owen to get here but I am enjoying the heck out of our family of 3 for now.  I know it will be a big adjustment for lil Lola and I think about that every now and then while I am snuggling with her or while just the 3 of us are playing.  It is moments like that when I am ok to wait a while longer for the baby to get here.  Not to mention the fact that I don't know who is going to watch my children after I am off maternity leave {which I am hoping I can stretch out to 12 weeks... fingers crossed!}  So there are definitely some stressful things that come along with the arrival of this new bundle of joy.  But obviously the good by far outweigh the bad!

Here is a list of things that I am grateful for with my pregnancy this time around:
  • My Boppy body pillow.  I don't know why I didn't buy one the first time!
  • I am not swelling hardly at all... See HERE for reference.
  • I have had much slower weight gain... give me a few more weeks and I may catch up ha ha
  • I can bathe this time, I used to throw up every time I bathed with Lola.
  • I know what to expect and can relax more.
  • I feel more prepared, as a mom.  {We still need a bunch of "stuff" since most things we have are girl style}
  • Less heartburn so far *crosses fingers*
  • I feel like I know how to better utilize my wardrobe this time and don't feel like a frump constantly.
  • Lola is here to enjoy the pregnancy and talk about baby Owen with us.
I have a Dr's appt tomorrow and it is the glucose test day.  OH JOY!  So I will find out how I am doing there and we will get another ultrasound as well, plus I am taking Lola with me, so wish me luck!  I will give you a baby update Weds probably. 

If you want to see a cute new baby go HERE, my friend Molly had her beautiful baby Ahnika last week and I can't wait to meet her this weekend!


  1. This post helped me. I don't know what exactly did but it was informative and I appreciate it. Especially since I'm just now getting to the point I can't really sleep comfortably on my stomach, weird pain not that my stomach is huge, so I've been debating on getting the body pillow thing. Sounds like it's a must! I've had horrible heartburn. And the wardrobe thing is a serious issue for me and I cry daily because of it. If only I had a money tree and felt I could afford to just go buy everything new.

  2. Yay! I love my body pillow, because I would get zero sleep without it. It's crazy how many things there are to get ready for a little one!


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