Friday, September 10, 2010

Onion Days and More

We had a great weekend with the family.  We went to my parents on Saturday and stayed through Tuesday and had so much fun!  We did some shopping, the carnival and parade in Payson, went out to eat, had a big family BBQ and made tons of homemade salsa!{which I will post separately soon}

This is how our photo shoot went on Friday before we went and ran errands and left for the weekend.

then being silly
and her cute hair in a top knot!

At the carny, she started crying right as this was about to start so they stopped it so she could get off and gave our tickets back haha  She may be a little to young for some of the rides.
Before she started crying on this ride as well.  She kept begging to go on more rides then she cried so we left. ;)

Her new "smile", like previously mentioned, if you say "cheese" this is what happens...
This girl had her 2 year check up on her Birthday last week and here are her big girl stats:
  • Height- 37 1/2 inches -100%
  • Weight- 34 LBS- 100%
She is sticking to the tradition of consistently staying at 100% and is growing like a weed.  We couldn't love her more!


  1. sometimes i get so weirded out that you have a little girl, not a baby, a girl! And there is another one on the way!

    Shoot, time moves so quickly.
    I love the top knot.

  2. Wow I can't believe it's been 2 years and she looks like she's loosing some of her baby chub.


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