Thursday, September 9, 2010

If you haven't heard the name of our bouncing baby boy, here is a clue... well actually the answer.

Our children have names based on or inspired by music.  Lola's name is from this song and baby boy's is almost, coincidentally, from the name of this band/artist above but I would like to think that it was definitely inspired by Mike Kinsella.  {Chris actually suggested the name, so he may say different.}  But I love that we have a theme for naming our kids so far.  We will have to see if we stick to that in the future.  As you all know Chris and I are big music lovers so it is only fitting that this would be our theme.  I love listening to the songs that remind me of my children and getting warm fuzzies, music is amazing!

I'm 22 weeks right now and I get my big 4D ultrasound on Tuesday so I will put up pics then.  My last couple ultrasounds have been pretty uneventful so I didn't post the pictures but I will have great ones soon!  I am feeling great {minus the cold I woke up with today} and enjoying the happy period of pregnancy until I am huge and miserable.  My aunt just handed down a Bugaboo Frog stroller to us so I am in heaven.  It is barely used at all and will be so fun to have for a little baby.  I can't wait to use the bassinet attachment!  I have always wanted one of these super nice strollers.  Thanks to my aunt, my little family is truly blessed!


  1. owen? good, good choice. LOVE.

    mike kinsella is so attractive.

  2. Oh I've always loved the name Owen. I better get naming my future children because with how many Gordons there are I'm bound to lose them.

  3. Oh Dari I hope I didn't give you my cold. I'm sorry if I did. It was fun seeing you at onion days!!

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  5. P.S. Like I have mentioned before, Kristi introduced me to Owen's music... credit given.

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