Monday, August 9, 2010

The Year of 27

I turned 27 on Friday {Aug 6th} and like every year we were at our family reunion with the Gordon side of the family.  It is always a lot of fun.  But it is kind of a bummer not being able to do what you want on your Birthday.  Plus it is grandpa's Birthday on the 7th and he turned 85, so how can you top that?  He deserves the weekend celebration much more than I do ha ha  So I always plan fun things around my B-day to make up for the lack of festivities on my actual Birthday.  Here are some fun things that happened in the last week and yes, I am the person who wants to have a Birthday week or hell, month!  I love my Birthday!

  • Last Saturday Chris, Lola and I went to Sushi Ya and ate delicious all you can eat sushi!
  • Tuesday my mom and sis took me to dinner at Thaifoon at the Gateway and lots of shopping ensued.  No pics :(  {Except for one of Nicole trying on my shirt with the maternity belly in the dressing room at A Pea In The Pod HA HA}
  • Wednesday I went to dinner with some of my closest friends at Happy Sumo at the Gateway and you guessed it, MORE SHOPPING! {sadly a bunch of our friends were out of town and such, we missed you guys}
  • Thur-Sat day was Reunion time, I love my family!
  • Saturday we went to dinner with Chris' folks to the Cheesecake Factory and celebrated not only my Birthday but my mom in law's as well.  We share a Birthday, another reason why I have to plan other activities throughout the week.  I know I am selfish, but who wants to share their Birthday with someone else?  While we were at Fashion Place Mall I went to Nordstrom and burned right through my gift cards that I received.  Thanks Jess, Em and Amanda!  That was such a perfect gift for a girl who lacks the funds to shop like she used to!
I feel very blessed and spoiled and couldn't ask for sweeter friends and family in my life.  I really do feel so fortunate and wonder what I did to deserve such great people surrounding me.  Thanks everyone for making this a memorable Birthday.


  1. I am the world's worst birthday girl. I feel cheated all the time if I share it with anything(which I always did, Thanksgiving) You're a much better sport then I am. Maybe one day I won't care but I think I just may expect week long parties for me.

    PS I think you need to settle the debate in my head- so it is ok to eat sushi when pregnant? Not that I am but sushi is a stable food in my diet and may prolong this whole having a baby thing even longer if it means I have to abstain from it for 10 months

  2. Ok Erica, my dr says you can eat sushi in moderation and cooked sushi (tempura dipped) pretty much as much as you want. The only ones you would need to worry about would be fish that are high in mercury which is like swordfish and since when do you see swordfish in sushi? haha There are tons of things they say you shouldn't eat while pregnant but most experts say that most of them are fine in moderation :) I also eat hotdogs and drink caffeine and other little pregnant sins haha!

    Moral of the story, have a damn baby already!

  3. Yay! I am so glad you had a good birthday week! I feel the same way about having to share my b-day it's no fun. Every few years mine lands on father's day but is always within a few days and now that i'm married, Jeb's brother has the same exact birthday as me.

  4. Happy Birthday my friend!!!! I will remember your Birthday forever since it's on Mike's B-Day.

  5. Yay! I'm glad you had a great birthday and I'm glad I got to participate in some of the fun.

    And I agree about moderation. Sushi, caffeine, hot dogs....etc... I enjoy all while pregnant. Just in moderation.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Erica,

    My name is Christina and I work at the corporate office for Thaifoon. I'd like to start off by thanking you for mentioning Thaifoon in your blog! We always love to hear about people and their experiences at our restaurant. We hope you had a great time and would love to see you back there! Just to show you how serious I am, I'd like to send you some free appetizer coupons for you to have. Please email me your mailing address so I can get them to you.

    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for the shout out!

  7. I have a special there any way you could do a blog post about all your different hair cuts?? Whenever I want to cut my hair, I think, "Oh yeah, Dari has had tons of cute ones" but I can't keep track. :) I would love to see them all together!

  8. Happy Birthday week! And happy freaking cute hair! I love it!

  9. Dari you're comments are always so funny to read... random... Not sure what the one in the other language says...

    Anyway, Happy be-lated Birthday girly, it sounds like it was fun. I'm horrible at remembering b-days.


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