Monday, August 16, 2010

Music Monday- {oldie} Further Seems Forever

All the kids that think the Dashboard Confessional is all the rage and are too young to know what Chris Carrabba used to be like, are missing out.  Today I am featuring Further Seems Forever, the band Chris Carrabba was in before he started Dashboard.  I used to LOVE Dashboard, I will admit it.  I went to see them back in 2002 at Bricks aka In The Venue and it was a great show with The Anniversary and Ben Kweller.  Yes, awesome line-up, I know!!  Sometimes I long for the days of smaller shows and tickets that cost $12 and shows that had 3 or 4 awesome bands in the line-up.  Now I am too impatient for that and every time I see a small band come through town and they are charging $30 a ticket, I want to scream.  But I guess that's what happens when the economy is crappy, they start charging more?.... ironic isn't it?  I digress.

"Snowbirds and Townies" from the album "The Moon is Down" 2001.

So Chris Carrabba was the singer from 1998-2001. Then left to concentrate wholly on Dashboard Confessional- enter Jason Gleason, he was the singer from 2002-2004.  I actually really enjoyed the change for this band and the new feel that it gave the songs plus I could get my Carrabba fix through Dashboard {which, essentially, was a solo project at that time}.  But then they fought and Jason left the band.

"The Sound" from the album "How to Start a Fire" 2003.

They then got another new singer, Jon Bunch from Sensefield, and I didn't like the new sound that much so I stopped listening and then in 2006 they broke up... As is the story with many good bands. 


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