Monday, May 17, 2010

Music Monday- Mae (flashback)

I decided to do a flashback and talk about MAE, the old Mae music. I am not the biggest fan of the new stuff. The album Destination: Beautiful has so many memories tied to it. My BFF Kristi and I LOVED Mae and saw them a few times (at least 4 or 5) in concert back in the day. I remember one time we saw them at the Lo-fi Cafe, do you guys remember that venue. I swear every show back in the day was there and there was ZERO ventilation and Kristi literally passed out one time because she was preggo but not very far along and I literally had to catch her and some dude carried her out to the fresh air for me.... SCARY!!! Anywho... I saw these guys a few years ago when they were promoting a newer album and Chris and our other buddies were there to see a different band that they were playing with and I think after the show they were all convinced that I had bad taste in music. Sad, the newer stuff just isn't the same OR maybe I have grown up...

Embers and Envelopes from the album "Desination: Beautiful" (2003)

"All Deliberate Speed" (same album)

Sorry about the lack of posting last week. I was busy and I was sick one day so that didn't help. Coming up this week... the Dinosaur park!


  1. i stopped being cool a long time ago, so flashbacks are my favorite because i can relate. haha....

    mae is a dunn staple. and i agree...old stuff: way better.


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