Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I have been envious of people who are good at thrifting. I used to go and think, "that might be cool" and buy a couple of things. But more often than not I feel like thrifting sends me home with more junk that I pay for and then gift back to DI... waste of money? I think so. Also my father in law goes and gets some good finds every now and then but a lot of the time the stuff he buys just sits around and collects dust and my mother in law begs him to get rid of all of his junk for months and months. {sorry Mike if you read this ha ha}

Through reading blogs about thrifting and having some friends that have mastered it, I have learned what is really a good find and what is junk... I think ;) I went "thrifting" with Chris and Lola to DI the other weekend and got some great things. I want to try and go this weekend to Savers and see if they have any treasures. I am doing better with kitchen and housewares. I am still a little wary on the clothing side of things. {Growing up I was never "allowed" to buy clothes as Savers, like some of the cool kids did}

Here are my finds!! I went specifically looking for milk glass and cool pitchers, vases, etc. Also for collectible plates and ceramics. I think I accomplished my goal!

I am going to spraypaint the wall sconces black and put them in my bedroom. I am not sure if I want to paint the mirror or leave it gold. Any ideas?

My very favorite find, it was $10 which is more expensive for DI, but awesome for me!

I arranged them in my hutch and with my vintage Ball jars, they look great. I will have to take a pic soon. Any of you great thrifter's have any advice for me?

*Sorry for the lack of Music Monday this week. I took Monday off from work and have been at my parents all weekend because my BFF Kristi is in town so I have been spending time with her. We will resume next week.*


  1. Keep it gold...for sure. I am totally jealous!

  2. I LOOOVE that milk glass vase!

  3. I try to ask myself two things when I'm thrifting and feel tempted by an item: Is this thing excellent, and will I use it now? Keeps me from taking home every darned thing I see. And of course the third criterion: is the price right for me?

  4. I rarely find good things in the clothes section...I have yet to master that one for sure...I have found some cool frames and kitchen accessories though...but I definitely am not a talented thrifter, Jesse on the other hand is awesome at it! I am jealous of good thrifters.

  5. Dari, I love the DI. The trick is that you go often, and the best time to go is the first few hours they're open because they load the carts full and bring them out. I have to be pretty aggressive and sometimes get pushy... ha. I just wear Sophie in my Beco and have at it! We should go sometime.


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