Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I had/have tons of fabric left over from my skirt so I made Lola a twinner one!! TOO CUTE and it was so much faster and easier than mine, obviously. I like what I did with hers better and I am resisting the urge to unpick mine and re-do the top or just make a new one all together.... I need to relax.
sorry for the bad quality photo.


  1. um that's adorable.

    holy seamstress. good job dari!

  2. Dari, you are so talented! I say you leave your skirt because you look HOT in it just like it is! :)

  3. You rock, seriously, I am so impressed. I love it. You'll have to tell me how you made Lola's, I'd love to make Sophie some.

  4. I say re-do yours! That's something you can easily do while watching T.V. and then you'll be very happy with yourself. Do it.


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