Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All About Lola

Yesterday we had Lola's {month late} 18 month check-up... maybe I took her to the doc because she was sick a while ago and thought it was a well child check-up when looking back ha ha At least we got them done right?!

Here are the stats:

Height: 35"- 100th%
Weight: 33 LBS {with her clothes on and a fairly wet diapee, so more like 32}- 105th%

She is doing great and growing so fast!

Here are some things about Miss Lou!

She loves to say "NNNOOO", yes long just like that and "owee" about everything.

She loves to play and be tickled and chased.

She loves to "help" clean. For example, I give her a bottle of Windex and she stands next to me and thinks she is spraying the object and then wipes it with a rag. Also when I am doing the laundry I will give her the damp clothes and she will throw them in the dryer or if I give her a wipe/rag, she will wipe the wall or the floor. She is so helpful.

She is in love with cheese, fruit snacks, pasta, juice, and rice.

She ADORES babies and will carry her baby around and wrap it in a blanky and feed it and kiss it. When she is around a real baby, she wants to hug and kiss them and hold them... she is the size of a 3 year old after all :)

She always wants Elmo everything. She has at least 5 Elmo dolls that do assorted things and has too many movies as well. Her fav one is "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" and you better believe we watched it yesterday. It doesn't matter if it is Christmas season or not...

She loves her grandma's and grandpa's and aunt and uncle's to death!!! She is spoiled being the ONLY grandchild on BOTH SIDES!

Lastly, she loves climbing on everything, we always have to make sure she isn't climbing on a table or counter or other pieces of furniture.

She is a gem and is perfect, in my eyes. We enjoy the crud out of her and love her more than anything!!!


  1. They grow so fast! She is so cute. What a good helper you have!

  2. She's such a chunkster cutie! Just like my Lola was :)

  3. oh my! she's so cute! its scary how fast they grow up!

  4. She is so adorable! And it's no biggie that Lily is 3 and weighs 5 lbs less!! She is beautiful and such a big girl now!

  5. She's such a doll face. As you know- I adore her. That picture of her in her diaper is so stinkin' cute!

  6. She is so darn cute. What a big girl. Her and Sophie can be good friends because I have a feeling Sophs is gonna be tall.


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