Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Fashion Ideas

I am still trying to figure out a good way to get my collages from HERE to my blog, so bear with me and if you have any advice, do share! But I have decided to periodically share some of my fashion fav's with you. I don't claim to be a pro {at all} but I do love fashion and wearing what I love and what makes me feel cute and confident. Here are some things I wouldn't mind owning for Spring.

Anticipating Spring

Anticipating Spring by darisday featuring Monsoon

What are some of your Spring must-haves?


  1. Anything new would be nice! I have only bought three new clothing items since Isaac was born - 9 months ago! I would love it if you posted more fashion trends. You have great style!

  2. I don't know why but I am transitioning to a shoe person I think because I want all of Anthros wedges! I have about 4 pair on my wish list right now and a stunning pear waiting to be worn that I bought in January! I need the warmth.... bring on the sandals.

  3. I love those pieces.
    You have impeccable taste.

  4. Black & White Stripes and Calico prints.

  5. One day when I have the money I am going to hire you as my fashion consultant. You always look great!


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