Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Monday- Decibully

Sticking with the old faves schtick, here is a band I loved and need to rekindle my love for. DECIBULLY. They have a new album, "World Travels Fast" that came out in December. I will probably purchase that tonight to see if the love is still alive. There are currently 6 members of the band but I swear when I saw them back on '03 or '04 there were 7 touring with them and surprisingly it was not too much. The instruments blended together beautifully, they all play many instruments and switch them up during the show... and if I am not mistaken that is the show where my BFF Kristi met her hubby. Oh precious! {It wasn't too crazy that they met, I think there only 15 of us at the show}

Here is an oldie, "We Belong On Rooftops" from the album "City of Festivals" (2003)

Good Times! What do you think?

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