Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pics of the little one lately

Feeding Elmo and saying "cheese"Her awesome $.75 glasses, she kept popping the eye out... and moving, hence the blurry pics
Reaching for her balloon.
Playing her baby piano
Doing some moves!

On Saturday we went to lunch and to Sugarhouse Park with Amanda and Jaxon. Lola LOVES the swings! She kept being awkward on the swings. I don't think she understood that you can sit up straight in the swing without leaning on something.

ha ha mid-swing face!
see... leaning on the front now

What a fun gal this little one is. I seriously just kiss her and laugh with her all day long. She is so precious to me! She never leaves my side when I am home and I know that will change someday {too soon}. So for now I will enjoy every moment.


  1. Oh my gosh, I just burst out laughing at all of those pictures. Especially those swing ones where she's being nothing but dead weight on the seat. Hahahaha oh man. I love that little girl! She has become quite the lady hasn't she.

  2. I love the little piano! Cute pictures of Lola...and you too!

  3. I just love all of these pictures. She is so darling! And you dress her SO adorably. That picture of Amanda and Jaxon is stinkin' cute too. I LOOOOVVVEEE swinging, how fun!

  4. She is so fetching cute (Utah version)! Seriously, she is a doll!

  5. So cute... she's so tall and such a beautiful girly! I love her pics on the swing... she's strugglin!


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