Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Burning Question number 4

I have had some good suggestions. Here is one that you reader's recommended. Its not a controversial one {at least I don't think...} but it got me thinking.

Disposable diapers vs cloth? What do you or have you used? What are your reasons for why you use what you do?


  1. to each his own, dude.

    i have a few friends that do the cloth diaper deal...mostly for environmental reasons...and they truly deserve a gold star for their efforts.

    but you better believe in a real serious way, that i'm opting disposable, always & forever. haha.

  2. I'm thinking that w/ my next baby I MIGHT try cloth diapers to see how it goes. We spend so much $$ on disposable diapers!

  3. I don't even have a kid, but I think anyone that uses cloth diapers should be sainted for their efforts.

  4. I do disposable. I've considered cloth, and I may try gDiapers with this next baby (cloth with flushable inserts). I hate the idea of putting all of that non-degradable plastic in landfills, but cloth diapers are a LOT of work! You definitely have to be very committed to go that way.

  5. I could probably write pages on this subject. I do cloth. I do it for the money... yeah the other benefits are great (landfills, less irritation/diaper rash, potty train faster).

    I do the "OLD fashioned" prefolds but there are so many kinds out there... like you have pictured is an all-in-one. I like prefolds best and they are the cheapest investment. I have never, not once had a blowout or diaper rash. The downsides is that you have to do laundry more often, can be a learning curve for dads/babysitters, and you cant let the baby sit in them for hours on end like you can with a disposables.

    There are a lot of misconceptions about cloth (I don't dunk in the potty ew, they are super easy to wash/clean, they don't get stained if you take care of them, you have to use special laundry soap 'free' of dyes/fragrances). It is a little more effort, but the money I save makes it worth it.

  6. oh and they have a great re-sale value, or great storage possibility... so once I get my stash I can save them for my next baby or sell them used on a site like diaperswappers or BBC.

    So if someone did try them and decide not to stick with it, it would be easy to get some of the cost back.

  7. All 7 of us were put in cloth diapers and I actually asked Mom about a month ago why she did it and it came down to the fact that that was all we could afford. She said she had to change us as soon as we were dirty and more often but other than that she thought they were fine.

    I don't think I could do it simply because it would gross me out to wash so much poop in the machine then put regular clothes in it after. yuck.

  8. I have been considering using cloth diapers. My friend uses them she got hers from fuzzibunz. She stared using them because her baby always had horrible rashes, and now he doesn't. They are really cute too. I've just recently started looking into the benefits and disadvantages of the cloth diapers.

  9. not that i have babies...but i read a lot of blogs from mommies who have babies, who share things like this. and with the experience with my nephew and his disposables...Sidnei and I decided that we wanted to go cloth when we had kids. especially if we have kids here where it is SO HOT, it is so easy to get diaper rash and I just hate it for my nephew, its painful for him. The second is, reading some different things, people save about 3-5 g's! HOLY CRAP (no pun intended)! Thats a lot of money. But i reserve the right to go back if I need/want. also, i think with me being home, it makes it a lot easier. if I were working, we'd probably do disposables.

  10. I am not a mom, but my husband and I want to do cloth because of the price and the environment.

    Very insightful response, no?

  11. Disposable.
    Wish I could say cloth but I think I would end up tossing a lot of those too. Some poops/explosions can be too much to deal with.


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