Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner and a Chick Flick

A couple of Saturdays ago I went for a girls night with my lovelies from Payson. We decided to go "all out" and do dinner and a movie. Wowzers huh? But when you have kiddies go to both is a luxury! We ate at PF Chang's and went to the Gateway to see "Dear John". I must warn you, I am picky about chick-flicks and in general don't love love them. I thought the movie was mediocre but it didn't have as tragic an ending as was expected from a Nicholas Sparks based movie, so that was a plus. Regardless, it was sooo much fun to hang with these ladies and I hope to do it again soon!!
Molly, Ash H, Ash A, Sara, Me

Doesn't Ash look great for being 9 months along, she looks like me at 6 months!

I also want to give a shout out to Ashley H who found out last week that is she is expecting TWINS via In Vitro, what a blessing and we couldn't be happier for her and Ry!! If you want to follow her journey, click HERE. {I hope it is ok that I posted a link to your blog here, if not, feel free to reprimand me ;) }
Thanks ladies and let's do it again soon... well maybe a bit after Ash A has her sweet baby boy, due in the beginning of March!! So many fun things happening for these ladies!


  1. :( I miss Utah. I'm coming for my baby shower in late June!!!!! I will of course make sure you guys know the date. I'm glad you guys had fun.

  2. Oh a girls night out sounds so fantastic. I feel like I'm either with Daren or my little brothers which aren't up for the girly things in life. I'm taking your word for it on the Dear John. I didn't think I'd like it based off of my personal preferences for movies and from your review of the movie I know I won't....I like stupid chick flicks...that one seems just a touch too serious for my liking.

  3. those kind of nights are so good for the spirit!

  4. Congrats to Ashley H on the twins!! That is soooo cool!

    Still in love with your hair!


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