Thursday, January 7, 2010

So it's t w e n t y t e n

Sorry I have been a bad blogger, between the holidays and our little family getting the flu, things have been a little out of sorts. But we are all healthy and back in action! I will start up the Music Mondays again next week. Here are some pics and random thoughts.

Last week my great friend Jeanette sent me the pics from a Christmas Pot Luck that her and her hubby Jesse threw. It was such a fun night! Thanks for having all of us over!!

Adam and M'Liss too cute!

Us and Jason, M'Liss's hubby
Sindee and Blake

The hosts- J'nut and Jesse James {note Jeanette's headband, a Daris Day original!}

Lola and Elmo

Last night Chris and I were able to go on a much needed mini-date to see "Sherlock Holmes", it was a great movie and I suggest it if you are looking for a good flick to see. {I think one of my New Years Goals is to go on more dates with Chris. I would like to aim for once a week but know that is nearly impossible, so I will say every other week.} We even got a huge popcorn and diet coke to share then after we went to Del Taco to get some chow and I got a chicken soft taco {love those!}... like a naughty college student who eats after 10 pm. It was fun! But I better not get in a habit of doing that or I will be a chubster!

In other news, I am not a resolution person. I never make any and I am almost anti-resolutions, seriously, who makes and keeps them? Most of them are made in vain and give people unnecessary stress and some what unachievable expectations. But I do feel like setting some goals for yourself is important. They can be made and adjusted at anytime to meet your needs. I have decided to set some achievable goals and or to do's for this year, in no particular order.
  • Go on more dates with Chris {like mentioned above}
  • Make home organization a priority, so I am less stressed
  • Start making headbands for FUN again
  • Go on a vacation {haven't been on one since the honeymoon, that's almost 3 yrs now...}
  • Read my scriptures and say my prayers daily
  • Get good at using my new sewing machine
  • Always be sweet and kind around Lola so she will be sweet to others {she is getting an attitude, but I think she was born with that!}
  • Get Lola potty trained {a few months down the road, it will be sooner than I know!}
  • Lose some weight, let's talk portion control and less sugar, nothing crazy!
  • Meet Chris's Mahmah- she lives in Ohio and I have never met her I.R.L.
  • Do some remodeling projects in the house {a lot of DIY stuff!}
  • Finally make our yard cute {mostly the back...who sees it anyway?}

I am sure there are so many more, but that is all for now... let's not get overwhelmed ;)


  1. Good mini-resolutions/goals! I think 2010 will be a great year.
    Remodeling(DIY)- Always fun.
    Vacation- I need another one too!
    Sewing machine- I have two quilts I made two years ago that I still need to bind. So I understand.

  2. I have been dying to post my resolutions, I feel like once I post the resolutions I'll be more inclinded to follow through a few of them. However, mine are awfully similiar to yours. Good luck with potty training- if only it was easy as training my dogs were(I'd say all dogs but maybe people didn't have it as easy as we did...)

  3. Hooray for the Christmas Potluck!! Thanks again for coming! And for blogging about it as I am too lazy to. ;)

    I enjoyed your achievable goals. I am all about achievable-ness. And I am with you on the daily reading and praying, I need to work on that. Miss you!

  4. Chris has a different mom? I had no idea!

  5. Mccall- mahmah is chris's grandma :)

  6. Just a personal tip about the backyard improvement. Herbs are a great way to brighten things up for cheap. They grow like CRAZY and most of them produce flowers. Plus, you get all the wonderful freshness that herbs bring to your cooking!

  7. I'm sad I wasn't able to be at the 'Christmas Potluck' but I guess I had a good excuse. I LOVED Sherlock! So so good! Good goals lady! Good luck too. Miss you BTW. Lola is getting too big! Super cute though!


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