Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Time!!

We had a splendiferous Christmas!!!

Christmas Eve we had a family party with the Gordon's, which was great as always! Then we spent the night at my parents and had Christmas morning with them and talked with my little bro Rhett who is on his mission in Mexico. He will be home in a month!!!! We are soo excited. Then we headed to Chris's parents, had Christmas morning again and spent the rest of Christmas with them. We were very spoiled this year and I am not sure that we deserved it.... But we are very blessed and appreciate everyone around us that was so generous.

I got a sewing machine from my parents and am so excited to get going on some projects. I also got some household items, clothes and gift cards for clothes!! Chris even got me the first 5 seasons of "Saved By The Bell", if anyone wants to have a marathon, give me a call!!

Chris got an external hard drive, new Tom's, clothes and lots of DVD's. We got Beatles Rockband together and a new flat screen LCD TV for out bedroom so we can mount it on the wall, so Lou won't get smashed if she ever decides to go climbing. It was a complete surprise and I do believe I shed a couple tears when I saw it!!!

Lou got so many clothes and toys that I don't know what to do with them and I am not sure she knows either :) Her grandparents sure do spoil her, but its hard not to!

Here are some pics from our weekend. I wish Christmas could have lasted longer!!!

Opening our exchange gifts on Christmas Eve

My mom didn't take a pic while I opened it, so I reenacted it.

All the kiddos, minus Rhett on his mish

Lola trying to put on her own pj'sThe dogs love dad- Cooper came with us!

Chris ruining a perfectly good family picture :)

Now that's more like it! Lou and her fav auntie Nic
she was stylin on Christmas morning!
Morning bahbah while loving her new clothes

My dad loved this candy when he was little and Chris found it for him on the internet!

My siblings- RoLee with his eyes closed like usual, we said we should all start doing it, so we match


  1. I love the picture of your dad w/ all the dogs! Looks like it was a great Christmas for you all! Don't tell Jer you got a new tv, he will be so jealous!

  2. LOVE all the pics, looks like it was a great time spend with your fam!

  3. What a wonderful day. Your family is so fun. And, your mom is one of the hippest grandma's I have ever met.

  4. What a cute family! Lola is a doll. So, these saved by the bells...I'm so jealous! If you ever need a viewing buddy, give me a call!


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