Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My answer to the burning question

We didn't get as much input on this weeks question... Hopefully we can get some more people to contribute, otherwise I will take that as a sign that this is boring and no one cares... ha ha

In Vitro?

I think it is such a blessing for those who can not get pregnant on their own. There are many people who have issues conceiving and if this technology were not available, there would be a lot of people who would never be able to have children. Of course there is adoption, which is so great but I am sure it would be hard to not at least have the opportunity to create children from your own flesh and blood. No, it is not playing God and no, I don't think that if you are unable to conceive, on your own, that you are not intended to have children. {There are some horrible parents out there who have WAY too many kids. If that were the case, all those parents would be the one's stricken with infertility... in my humble opinion} Thank the Lord for these great scientific advancements that better our lives everyday!
Thanks for the ideas for questions and the comments on this topic as well.... till the next time!


  1. I'm with you, Dari. I think invitro is a blessing for those unable to conceive on their own. I have some friends and family that would not have children otherwise. It's one of those great blessings that have come through the spirit of the Lord being back on earth and the technology advancements moving forward. :)

  2. I have an idea for your burning question section. On the View this week they had a lady that has a history of breast cancer in her family and she is having double mastectomy to prevent getting cancer. It would be interesting to read what people think of this.


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