Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keepin' It Real

I feel like I haven't talked about life and what not lately.

Today I am feeling blah, here is why:
  • My house is not as clean as it should be

  • I am bloated with a side of cramps

  • I realized the shirt I wore to work has a stain on it, thank goodness I wore a hoodie so I can cover it up {bloated=wearing a hoodie}

  • I am losing steam on my headband motivation... I need some inspiration. {I have been thinking zippers for a while, among other things but have I done anything about it yet... no}

  • I realized Lola needed a bath last night, while I was at work today...guess it will wait until tonight.

  • I need to plan my sharing time for Sunday and I am sick of sharing time, I have been doing them all month long.

  • Bills in general

But I am still in a pretty good mood and here is why:

  • Bone Thugs N Harmony- Tha Crossroads, just came on my Itunes! ha
  • Book Club was awesome last night! We read "The Luxe" by Anna Godberson, it was a fun book and I started the 2nd one last night when I got home. I have some great friends!

  • I am not way behind on laundry like usual {I'm just a little behind}

  • I don't have anything planned tonight except for hanging out with Chris and Lola.

  • I am eating peanut butter M&M's, perfect for a that-time-of-the-month snack!

  • I only work 9 hrs today vs. 10

  • I have a warm house to go home to with a cute family and doggie who love me.

  • Getting cute updates from Lola's new babysitter. Her daughter LOVES Lola! {Yep, we are on babysitter #3 now... that is a whole different post}

Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. We expect to be perfect... look perfect, have a perfectly clean house, always be organized.


We are all human and we are REAL and we live in a mess sometimes, we don't cook every night, we get behind on laundry and planning lessons, we wear a dirty-ish shirt to work, we almost hit a pedestrian while while trying to stop but are sliding on the snow {yes this happened this morning, good news... didn't hit the pedestrian}

But we can still look at our lives and be thankful for all of our blessings. Because even when things aren't perfect, things can still be good! That is why I am blah and I may not be in the best mood but I am not down and out :)


  1. Thanks Dari! I needed to hear this today! I strive so hard to have a clean house, laundry done and put away, and to always be put together; however, sometimes it becomes too much and I fall behind and the feeling is so overwhelming! I'm sitting here today haunted by the huge pile of clean laundry sitting on my bed that needs to be put away! I just need to realize that I'm only one person and there are things out there that are a lot more important that making sure my clothes are all hung up and folded! Chances are it will still be there tomorrow :)

  2. So true!! I also work 10 hour days and they are LONG!! By the time I get home, play with the baby and get him to bed I am too tired to think about cleaning up the house! What time do you go to work? It seems like you are logged into gmail when I am, too early!!

  3. you're exactly right dari. i've actually had this ha-uge epiphany lately...that it's okay if we're not perfect. i always knew i {should} think that, but now i really do. haha.

    ps: you are bottom line-completely adorable.

  4. Oh my gosh, I am going to keep a link to this post because it was totally what I needed to hear today!! You are so great. I can't believe you work 10 hrs/day!! And we definitely want to hear the babysitter stories! Also, take a vacation from headbands if you've lost motivation for a bit...I always come back with more gusto than ever! And lastly, YES, you are awesome!

  5. As I sit surrounded by like four loads of laundry that have been waiting to be folded for two days.....THANK YOU for this post. :) Totally what I needed to read today as I was feeling like a failure homemaker/wife. LOVE YOU!

  6. Hey Dari:)
    #1 K so I got a zipper headband from wetseal that you can totally look at for ideas if you want:)

    #2 I feel priveleged to be a part of your post today:) I love tending Lola and Addy loves to play with her:)

    #3 It didn't seem to me that Lola needed a bath. She actually smelled like she did have one(maybe it was lotion or something in her hair)...both mornings you brought her I was thinking...I don't know how Dari does it..(Waking up and getting herself and her daughter looking so cute!) p.s her skinny jeans rock!

  7. I'm sorry you're feeling Blah. I think you're wonderful. Long shifts are hard. After I work two 12s in a row it takes me days to recover sometimes! I hope you had a great evening with your fam and can feel refreshed tomorrow.

  8. I too loved this blog. I tell myself this often lately, that I don't have to be perfect. I try hard to get the mom/wife stuff done, and if I fall a little short then there's always the next day to do laundry.

    And yes book club rocked my world. It is becoming one of my favorite activites each month!


  9. oh my god I freaked out when you said hitting a pedestrian, but luckily you put my mind at ease soon after!

    Ok, peanut butter m&ms are my fav!!!

    Now I'm craving them. Thanks a lot. :o)


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