Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is for Nicole

Sorry if this offends anyone BUT when I saw this, I laughed so hard... and its my blog... and it could be worse. A little background, my sis has said something like this to my mom repeatedly, so when I saw this comic I rolled and I had to post it.

Here is a little background....You see, my mom is the lucky lady that always gets "shit" stuck in her teeth and then smiles and waves to someone that she recognizes at the restaurant, oblivious. To which Nicole then says, "Mom, you got shit in your teeth". HA HA Then my mom rolls her eyes because Nicole swore at her and she laughs and we guide mom how to get the shit out of her teeth. {I am cracking myself up right now, I am easily amused} I am a casual cusser sometimes too, it is one of my many faults. {nothing too bad or too often but I thought I should throw that in there so Nicole doesn't feel like I threw her under the bus.} Here it is!!!!

The compact, your only "true" friend!!!


  1. HAHAHA!! I can't stop laughing! Thank you Dari! This made my day! One of my favorite memories of this saying was the day I had "shit"in my teeth because Mom got the biggest smile on her face and started laughing so hard she could hardly talk and she finally got out, "Nicole, you haha got haha shit in your haha teeth!" She was so happy to get me back after all the times I tell her.

  2. Ok, for make me laugh!!!! I was kinda of cranky and surgfing the web, so I decided to read your blog. I started laughing out loud and Glen asked me what was so i read him your posting and said "Thank you Dari". So, Thanks friend for making me laugh.

    ps. i am so glad that you are working tomorrow:).

  3. Nice!
    I always tell people when they have shit in their teeth, it must have something to do with being a dental assistant for the last 7 1/2 years :)

  4. I always have shit in my teeth, and it's true the compact is your best friend on this one...unless Nicole's your daughter!

    Love it! You make me smile.

  5. Oh my gosh! I am so glad you posted this! This is one of nicole's signature funny phrases... love it!

  6. Ha ha ha. I love this! I always notice when people have shit in their teeth. And I'm always paranoid that I do. Love this story!

  7. lol, love it! And you're not alone I cuss like sailor. You should hear me when I play video games :)


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