Monday, November 23, 2009

Music Monday... ode to New Moon

In the spirit of New Moon coming out this past weekend I thought I would share some of my fav songs from the soundtrack!! There will be a lot, so I will keep the descriptions brief. Basically I already loved these artists, so I am happy to see them getting some exposure. Even though most tweens wouldn't know good music if it bit them in the arse! {except for my bro's I have educated them well, which reminds me of the time that a kid in Ryker's class said he liked Fall Out Boy and Ryker laughed at him. muah ha ha I am a proud sis!}

The Violet Hour- Seawolf

Possibility- Lykke Li

Hearing Damage- Thom Yorke

No Sound But The Wind- Editors

Done All Wrong- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Slow Life- Grizzly Bear

Ok I promise I am done! Good job to the soundtrack person on this movie!!!

When are you guys putting up your Christmas decor?? I think I may do mine tomorrow, since I work Wednesday then it is down to my parents for the weekend!! I want to come home to a Christmas house :)


  1. There were so many times during the movie that I was like this is a great song. Thank you. I'm one of those music-stupids. My brother in law kept asking me this weekend who I liked. If I liked them in middle school/early high school thats who I've stuck to. So I really appreciate your Music Mondays ha. Especially this one!

    My Christmas decor is my little 36 inch tree and the things Grandma Gordon has given whipping it out doesn't take much time. I wanted to do it yesterday but I figured Daren is a wait until after Thanksgiving kind of fellow. So probably this weekend.

  2. I've only been able to listen to the Soundtrack once, but I did enjoy it rather a lot!! Not to mention the movie. HELLO. We need to go see it together.:) LOVED.


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