Monday, October 5, 2009

Music Monday

The Sounds had a new album come out on June 2nd, "Crossing The Rubicon". I was so excited and this album has not disappointed. Back a while ago when I went to the No Doubt concert, The Sounds opened for them and I may have been more excited for them then No Doubt {they were good too, but I have liked, not loved No Doubt...} Anywho, the lead singer Maja is awesome and has some kick ass moves, plus I think Amanda and I both want to be her.... This band is from Sweden, which is neat in-and-of itself. Their past 2 albums are great too- "Living in America", 2002 and "Dying to Say This to You", 2006. Here is my fav song off the new album:

Beat Box


  1. I freaking love The Sounds!! Thanks for highlighting them. It reminded me that I need to buy their new album still.

  2. I love love love this album. And yes you are right I totally want to be Maja. In my next life :)

    P.S. that concert was amazing!!!

  3. I know I just commented like 45 seconds ago, but I just found out that The Sounds are playing at In the Venue on the 30th. I totally wanna go! Even though I'll be 9 months prego we should try and swing it. I will keep my legs closed and make sure Jaxon doesn't slip out before then....


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