Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn has arrived!!

I am so excited for Fall. I wish this season were a bit longer though. Winter always comes too soon and stays way too long. So I will enjoy this short but sweet affair with Fall.

Plans for this weekend:
  • Hang out with Amanda and Scotty tonight!
  • Get my hair done in the morning. {If you love in Utah County, go to Chelsea at the Aveda salon in Springville. She is fabulous!!}
  • CONFERENCE! I love conference weekend. Good food, family, jammies, and the good word :)
  • Relaxing and helping my mom do some organizing/deep cleaning projects.

I have taken some cute pics of Lou lately and thought I would share some of them. I need a nice camera so I stop taking pictures of her with my blackberry.... someday!!

Eating the washcloth

She loves to play with my makeup brushes and makeup in general

What are some of your favorite things about Conference weekend or Autumn?


  1. I love not getting ready for church. I miss conference weekend at my parents. It would be on the TV upstairs and downstairs, and on the radio in the dinning room for Mom. No matter where you were in the house you could hear it loud and clear so you didn't have to stay in one room. Mom always spent conference in the kitchen. I miss it:(

  2. Love little miss Lola's chubby thighs!

    I LOVE fall and conference weekend! Jesse traded his shift so he will actually be home this weekend, which makes me glad because this will be our first "conference weekend" as a little newlywed couple.:) But we should still try to get together if possible!!

    I may just have to try out the hairstylist in Springville that you mentioned, if you trust her, she must be good! Cause your hair is always darling!


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