Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lola's Big Girl Stats

Here is a preview of her 1 year photos...but before that, we went to her 1 year check-up yesterday and she is healthy and growing so fast! Here are her stats:
  • Height: 32" 105% (I swear she said 33" but on the paper it said 32"...)
  • Weight: 26.11# 105%
  • Head: 105% (they didn't tell me the measurement, only the percentile.)

They kept asking questions about if she has an interest in walking and if we hold her hands, if she will walk or if she will stand up if supported by something and I would just say, not really she has no desire. It was so funny. He was really nice and said not to worry about it yet and that with bigger babies sometimes it takes them longer. I just told him that I know when she is ready, she will do it :) What a silly lady!


  1. What a sweet smile she has! I love the pictures!

  2. Look at those legs!!! Seriously, I love that girl. I think seeing her was a mistake because now I'm obsessed with her.. I made Daren guess who's birthday it was on Monday(we do this all the time...) and when I said Lola he was like ok Erica, seriously, you are obsessed with Dari's girl. So, I think we'll definitely have to all get together for dinner sooner rather than later so I can get my Lola fix.

  3. She is so beautiful Dari! I love the pic of her crawling...that sweet little smirk!

  4. She just completely melts my heart into pieces. Those pictures are wonderfully darling. Can't wait to see you gals tonight!

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  6. She is so darling, I love her expressions! What a big girl!

  7. these are so cute! i love her curly hair! and those facial expressions are precious!

  8. She is just the most darling thing! I heart her. A lot! These pictures are so precious!


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