Monday, August 31, 2009

Lola is ONE!!

Here are pics from the BIG Birthday party on Saturday. We just had a small get together for Lola at my parents. { I went a little/a lot crazy with all the pics } Thank you to Jeanette for letting us use her camera and to her and Jesse for the help with taking them!!

All the friends

Amanda. Meagan and the b day girl

Nut and Brit

... and Chris

She loved the tissue paper!

She would only dip her fingers in, she didn't want to get dirty

Then she dipped her face ha ha

Growling, as usual

Lola's cute B day outfit was purchased HERE

The fam, notice mom is working hard!

Nic and Jordie {she just pulled a tendon in her leg :( }

The B day headband I made for Lola

Our little fam

Jesse and Jeanette
Her gift table with her 1 year old pics on a slideshow

The cupcakes, they were delicious!
The whole table and her cute pennant banner { I got it HERE}

Today is her actual birthday but we have been partying all weekend!

On Saturday we had her actual birthday party at my parent's house in Payson. It was so cute and a lot of fun. There was a minor/major {more major in my mind} We get all the shopping done and that last trip was "The Sweet Tooth Fairy". I go in and they are out of almost EVERY cupcake. Mind you it is 2:30pm and they are open until 7pm. I didn't call ahead because I was only planning on buying 6 of 3 different flavors and the last Saturday we went in to try flavors so we would know what to buy and there were plenty of cupcakes, this was at 6:30pm. So we thought there wouldn't be a problem getting a few earlier in the day. Oh no, I left the store nearly in tears. They were the big thing for the party since it was cupcake themed. I was MAJORLY disappointed. My mom and I called at least 10 bakeries and they either weren't open or didn't make cupcakes or don't have an actual store and you have to pre-order everything. My mom said I have a really good recipe that we made last week, so lets hurry home and I will make them. {SHOUT OUT to Jess Peterson for the recipe from her cute blog... go visit her, she is awesome!!!} We got home a little after 3 and had to get the food and cupcakes done by 6. We were stressed!!! Chris was a little worried about us, he kept asking how we were and how our day was. He is too cute! We ended up getting everything done {about a half hour late though} . I was very happy with how everything turned out and a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to my mom for all her hard work and help with the party. She is the best mom a girl could ask for!!!
Coming up next, the most adorable 1 year pics you have EVER seen {well in my opinion} and our venture to Chuck E Cheese with Granny and Paw Paw!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the sweetest, happiest, funnest and most beautiful baby girl! You mean everything to your dad and I. Life would be so boring without you. The love you bring into our home is irreplaceable. I can't believe you have grown so quickly. {you can slow down now} I hope you always know how loved you are!! Have a great Birthday!!
Your mommy


  1. crazy! i can't believe your little lady is one! that went by fast {for me!} happy birth lola!!

    cutest party; you are the sweetest most fashionable momma.

  2. Happy Birthday Lola! I love the special headband you made for her birthday! Too cute! Looks like it was a fun party!

  3. You are most welcome! You can use our camera anytime.:) I'm glad it didn't die til the very end of the party, that would've been sad. You got some great pictures! And I love that one of her and the tissue paper. FAVORITE. Thanks for such a fun and yummy party!!! It was a grand time, indeed.

  4. Lola was the a major part of my dream last night, unfortuantely, that's all I remember was a lot of Lola none of the actual events. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOLA!! I think the big birthday bash was a success!

  5. Holy crap your brothers are so big!! It wigged me out when I saw that pic of your fam in the kitchen. I think Ryker and Roalie will always be little guys in my brain. (I know I spelled both their names wrong but I tried:)

  6. Happy birthday to Lola!
    P.S. You're outfit is way cute Dari.

  7. Thanks for the shout out! Hope they turned out well! They look super cute!

  8. She is so stinkin cute!! Love Love her birthday outfit! And the pic of you two unwrapping presents is so precious! You're such a a sweet mama. She's a lucky lil gal! :)

  9. The first birthday is such a milestone, for parents and baby, I think! The cupcake theme is too cute and thank goodness for grandmas who save the day! Looks like a great party! She is too cute!

  10. Dear Lola,
    This is a love note to wish you a happy birthday. You are SO cute and full of spunk and we love you! If you grow up and ever feel like running away from home, please stay with us...I promise you can stay up late and eat as much candy as you want.
    Rachel & Lily

  11. What cute pics! Happy Birthday Lola! I still have her baby announcement on the side of my fridge... crazy...

  12. The fact that she is one blows my mind.

    What an adorable little gal you have on your hands!

  13. Oh man! I'm sad we missed it! She is so gorgeous. Her one year old pics blow my mind! The cupcake idea was so cute too.


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